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Story of StayTightSling 

The idea for the StayTightSling was born on a cold January day during a whitetail hunt. On my way to a favorite stand on the edge of the swamp, I found the high water had washed out the wooden bridge leading to the stand. In order to cross I had to first wade, jump and then climb the bank to cross the stream. Now anyone that has been afield knows that with a backpack and a rifle this presents a challenge. So, I first waded as far as possible then remove the back pack, tossed it to the other side and then with great care heaved the (empty) rifle so it would land on the back pack and not bang the scope. During the reassembling of my gear on the other side, I wondered why someone had not invented some way to keep a firearm on your shoulder. Later on it occurred to me that a sling was only HALF of the solution and to keep it in place the other HALF needed to wrap around the torso and connect to the sling on both ends so the StayTightSling was born! It is a SAFE, HANDS FREE with QUICK DEPLOYMENT sling attachment that will improve your Safety and Convenience in the field.

Alvin Philips

Who am I - Alvin Phillips

I am a retired Contractor that has enjoyed since my youth, our Right to Own and Carry Firearms. Our privilege to live in a Country that has millions of public acres to hunt, fish, hike and enjoy is unmatched by any other. I believe that firearms can and should be both taught and handled in a safe manner. My commitment to Safety and our 2nd Amendment is unwavering.