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The StayTightSling is the missing link to the age old problem of trying to keep a firearm on your shoulder while in the field. It is an accessory you can add to any sling, wrapping around your torso and reattaching to the sling, it provides a Safe and Hands Free carry with quick deployment. This simple product takes gun safety and rifle handling to the next level.




Does it come with a warranty?

The StayTightSling comes with a 1 year manufacturer's defect warranty

What will it fit?

The StayTightSling will fit any type of shoulder strap device

What size person will it fit?

The sling can be adjusted to fit any size person

How hard is it to change from one device to another?

It can be changed in 1 to 2 minutes

How does it work?

StayTightSling instructions

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